State Affiliate Organizational Membership

State Affiliate Organizational (SAO) members are a critical part in our collective effort to keep families at the center of children’s health care.

A State Affiliate Organization (SAO) is a statewide/territory-wide/tribal, parent/family-led non-profit organization, with a Board composed of a majority of family members of CYSHCN, that meets the requirements of an SAO and works to advance the mission, vision and principles of Family Voices, Inc.

There is only one SAO approved per state.

If your organization is interested in joining the growing list of current State Affiliate Organizations (below), please contact Natasha Tapia for more information and an application.

State Affiliate Organizations (SAOs) as of 11/22/13:

ASK Resource Center
Delaware Family Voices, Inc.
ECAC/Exceptional Children's Assistance Center (NC)
Family Network on Disabilities of Florida, Inc.
Family TIES of Nevada
Families Together, Inc (KS)
Family Connection of South Carolina
Family Voices Indiana
Family Voices New York at the Parent to Parent of NYS
Family Voices of Alabama
Family Voices of California
Family Voices of Illinois/The Arc of Illinois F2F HIC
Family Voices of Minnesota
Family Voices of Mississippi
Family Voices of North Dakota, Inc.
Family Voices-New Jersey @ the Statewide Parent Advocacy Network
Idaho Parents Unlimited, Inc.
Kentucky Commission for Children with Special Health Care Needs
Mass Family Voices at the Federation for Children with Special Health Care Needs
Michigan Family Voices
New Hampshire Family Voices
Oklahoma Family Network
Parents, Let's Unite for Kids (MT)
Parents Reaching Out (NM)
PATH Parent to Parent/Family Voices of Connecticut
PAVE/Family Voices of Washington
PTI Nebraska
Raising Special Kids (AZ)
Rhode Island Parent Information Network (RIPIN)
South Dakota Parent Connection
Stone Soup Group (AK)
Tennessee Disability Coalition
Texas Parent to Parent
UPLIFT of Wyoming
Vermont Family Network
West Virginia Parent Training and Information, Inc.