March 10, 2011

The National Health Care Transition Center launches website

From the Got Transition website ( 

Got Transition is the new National Health Care Transition Center supported by a cooperative agreement between the US Maternal and Child Bureau/HRSA and the Center for Medical Home Improvement (CMHI) at Crotched Mountain Foundation.  Through partnerships among youth, families, health professionals, and policy makers, Got Transition will focus on the implementation and dissemination of health care transition best practices in primary care medical homes and specialty settings for youth and young adults.


Got Transition will utilize the quality improvement methods and expertise of CMHI to support three learning collaboratives of pediatric and adult primary care medical home practices and specialty clinics in Washington DC, Boston, and Denver.  These diverse practices will implement and test office-based structures and processes for health care transition to demonstrate their feasibility and value.  These tools will be assembled into a Health Care Transition Change Package.  Based upon memoranda of understanding with the major primary care professional organizations (American Academy of Pediatrics, American Academy of Family Physicians, and the American College of Physicians), the Health Care Transition Change Package will be disseminated as best practice through these organizations' continuing education and quality improvement venues.


Social marketing of health care transition tools and ideas will underpin the development of a national learning community of youth, young adults, and families.   The youth program manager (Mallory Cyr) and family leader (Eileen Florenza) will utilize social networking technology and the center's new website (; under construction) to develop a dialogue for this learning community. The website will also have information and tools for health professionals and policy makers.  Cyr and Florenza will co-host a web-based talk show called WGTY.


Through its partnership with the National Alliance for the Advancement of Adolescent Health, Got Transition will explore health care transition trends, needs, and state level activity from national survey data and state Title V block grant reports as well as from the work of state D70 grant programs and projects.  The information collected will be compiled in a user-friendly format and made available on the Got Transition website.


Got Transition will utilize what is learned from practice-level implementation, youth and family networking, and policy research and analysis to affect public and private policy to improve access to high quality health care transition services and to assure adequate incentives for health care professionals to provide such services.


Got Transition is governed by its Health Care Transition Cabinet made up of youth and family advocates, health professionals, policy makers, and policy analysts. The headquarters is located at the Center for Medical Home Improvement in Concord, NH, under the direction of program manager, Ann Walls, National Youth Program Manager, Mallory Cyr, and co-PIs, Carl Cooley and Jeanne McAllister.  A 25-member National Health Care Transition Advisory guides the center.


Contact:  CMHI, 18 Low Avenue, Concord, NH; 603-228-8111 Supported by cooperative agreement U39MC18176 HRSA/US MCHB