May 06, 2011

Insurance Options for Uninsured CYSHCN with Pre-existing Conditions

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 Kaiser Health News    

Q & A with Michelle Andrews 


In a recent video from Kaiser Health News (KHN), a Connecticut mother asked the following question:


"My 19-year-old daughter was covered under her father's health insurance  

plan, but when his company folded in 2009 she lost her insurance.  

She's been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.  

Putting her on my insurance would cost $465 a month.  

What can we do?" 


KHN Consumer Columnist Michelle Andrews tackles this question in a short video, available  on the KHN website. Andrews points this young woman's mother in the direction of Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plans (PCIPs), a newly established option under the Affordable Care Act. Available in every state, the PCIPs may be a more affordable option for the 19-year-old daughter than signing on to her mother's costly private insurance policy.