June 30, 2011



As a trusted national expert on family-centered care, Family Voices has once again been selected as one of the few organizations in the country to visit the White House next Thursday, July 7th, 2011.  The invitation is part of an education campaign highlighting the ongoing need for Medicaid for children with special health care needs.

Family Voices has invited families from several states to accompany them in order for family members to personally tell their stories and help policymakers to see for themselves, the quality of life issues that are at stake if Medicaid is reduced or eliminated.  It offers a tremendous opportunity for families to put a human face on these issues and to provide a window into the lives of those that will be most dramatically impacted by cuts.  Families consistently report that Medicaid not only provides critical supports and services to individual family members but works to keep the entire family's overall well-being further intact.

Family Voices, along with a number of other organizations supporting children with special health care needs has endeavored to create as many means as possible for families to share their stories, pictures and even video as a means to help illuminate the challenges faced by families.  "Medicaid Matters" information has gone out to many, many organizations and individuals to ask that they share their stories with Family Voices and their local and state policymakers.  Stories have been pouring in but more are needed to help Family Voices and other support organizations get these important messages to those that need to hear them the most. 

Brenda Schmid, a parent from North Dakota writes," Medicaid Matters" - Medicaid is medically necessary to keep the entire family physically, financially and emotionally healthy."  Brenda eloquently outlined the story of her daughter, Hannah and the specialized equipment and supports she needs to stay healthy and thrive. She also recognizes the stress of raising a child with unique needs by adding, "Financial stresses can cause marriages to fail and can leave families feeling hopeless, overwhelmed and at the end of the day will affect the child with special health care needs in a negative way."  Family Voices thanks Brenda for her candor and insights that helps characterize daily life for many families and children.

Please consider telling us your story.  You can click on the "Share your Story" button on the Family Voices website and will be provided easy-to-follow directions.  You can also contact Family Voices directly with any additional information or questions. 

Check back to see pictures of families and video of families coming soon.