July 14, 2011

Georgetown Researchers Release Paper on Importance of Medicaid Featuring FV Families

Earlier this morning, Georgetown's Center for Children and Families released a new paper on the importance of Medicaid and in particular, the program's importance for children with special health care needs.

 Last fall, Family Voices reached out to find volunteers for a research study conducted by Georgetown that intended to assess the current insurance status of families who have children with special health care needs and if/how health care reform might impact that status. From that research, they were able to obtain some very important information on the use of Medicaid by this population and in light of the current debate regarding our country's financial obligations and possible sources of cut-backs, Family Voices thought it was important to put this data touse in influencing these negotiations. 

 To that end, Georgetown released their paper this morning- something that Family Voices hopes  will be put to use in efforts to help preserve the Medicaid program. The paper, as well as additional information, can be found at the following link:  


 Family Voices wants to thank all of the families who assisted with this endeavor by taking the time to share their family stories with us. We also extend our gratitude to our colleagues at the Center for Children and Families who provided this wonderful opportunity to Family Voices, and our families, to collaborate on what we believe will be a very useful tool in what has become a critical debate for our children. 

Family Voices encourages sharing of this paper widely including with federal delegation members through any means appropriate.