July 20, 2011

Inspire Hope For Flood Victims in North Dakota

Inspire Hope For Flood Victims in North Dakota


North Dakota has flooded beyond what it has ever seen before. Pictures and images from the floods are fading from national television but not for the people of North Dakota.  This disaster is still very much alive and you can help by taking just a few minutes of your time to inspire hope.

Between 2 of the larger cities in ND there 13,000 people displaced.  Many in Minot are still not able to get to see their homes.  The water is receding much slower than anticipated.  Others will not have a home to go to as the water is still to their roof tops.

In Bismarck/Mandan  the water is still coming....and they say it will keep coming until August.  It is not known how soon that will recede before people can go back.

 For this reason, FV North Dakota started a project that is designed to offer kind words from around the country.  Please take a few minutes to follow the simple instructions to garner:  

Acts of Kindness and Hope.

We all know that our children are affected in different ways when a disaster happens.  We also know that art is a way for children to express feelings that they may have.

For this reason, Family Voices of North Dakota and VSA North Dakota The State Organization on Arts and Disability are partnering together on a project to let our children who have been affected by this disaster know that others in many communities  are thinking of them.

We are asking families and providers to send one of the following options:

A note of kindness, a note of hope.

A picture drawing/coloring from your child about the flooding and their thoughts.

Families who have been affected by this disaster can write a note as well or have their children draw a picture with their thoughts too.

The purpose is to collect the notes, pictures....and put together a collage.  One for Minot and surrounding areas and one for Bismarck and surrounding areas.  Collage and pictures will be utilized for an exhibit in the months ahead as recovery is in full swing for display in each of the areas.

FV ND and their partners are hoping to get enough notes from around the state and country to utilize in the recovery effort and incorporate the powerful messages into a fundraiser for these communities.

Notes and pictures, drawings and colorings and monetary donations to complete the collage can be sent to:

Family Voices of North Dakota PO Box 163, Edgeley ND  58433

If you have questions please call 888-522-9654

For those families who have a child that may need additional assistance, please consider having someone transcribe or assist.  All efforts are welcomed.

If you will be sending in a picture or drawing, please send in a larger envelope as not to fold it...so that it won't be ruined through having creases.

NDCPD aty Minot State will be assisting with efforts when collages are made for exhibiting.