September 08, 2011

New Website Launched For Guiding Young Adults With Autism and Their Families

After much hard work by community leaders and families raising children with autism, a new website; AutismAfter16 launched yesterday.  The site will be devoted to issues impacting the lives of adults on the autism spectrum, especially legal, financial, residential, employment and social issues. 

 The site will focus first on the various steps of transition into adulthood that may often times be poorly understood by youth with autism and their families as the result of a lack of information and support. 

The site will have short news stories, longer feature articles, guest commentary and regular columnists.  We have a cadre of writers, some of whom are adults on the spectrum, who will look at adult issues from their own unique points of view. 

If you have friends or family that would like to learn more about adult autism issues please have them visit: