January 13, 2012

Maternal and Child Health-Public Health Leadership Institute

Maternal and Child Health Bureau

The Maternal and Child Health-Public Health Leadership Institute (MCH PHLI) applications are currently being accepted through February 1st, 2012. All tuition and lodging charges for this program are grant-supported. In addition to no onsite charges, partial travel scholarships will be available for Cohort III.  Applications can be completed at the MCH PHLI website: www.mchphli.org

This year-long leadership development program is designed to significantly expand self-awareness and quickly build practical skills for effectively leading, managing people, and building partnerships, to advocate for and create the MCH systems of tomorrow. This unique program improves leadership capacity, teaching the tools for creating the kind of culture that engages and motivates others. The program consists of 3 residential executive-style retreats (10 days of experiential-based training) coupled with a robust and customizable distance-based program.  Each Fellow completes an MCH-related personal leadership project targeted at a critical local or national need while receiving ongoing individual executive coaching. The program targets the MCH Leadership Competencies 3.0 and the distance-component can be completed in as little as 2 hours a week. Limited travel scholarships available.

What MCH PHLI Graduates are saying:

·         The MCH PHLI is of very high quality and extremely well organized. It is different from many opportunities that we are presented with as it offers a comprehensive focus on leadership - how to be a more effective administrator, advocate and leader.  I would strongly recommend this program to other family leaders who have been doing this work for a while and wish to focus their development on improving skills in administration, project management, communication and presentation skills, advocacy, systems development, program planning and evaluation and understanding how to lead change.    

·         I couldn’t have (made these accomplishments) a year ago.  I didn’t have the confidence, I don’t think I had the competency, and I don’t think that I had sort of the larger view of how systems work together, and I really attribute that growth to my time in this Leadership Institute. 

·         I’m at a very different place in my life than I was when I started this program a year ago and I really attribute a lot of that to the program.  For one, I have a much broader perspective on MCH issues and kind of a vision for change I hope to create in (my state).  But more importantly, I feel like I have a clearer view of my strengths and the confidence to use them.

·         One of the things that I have found really helpful is for the wealth of resources we’ve been granted through books and webinars and the online modules and things like that.  The staff has been great; the faculty is wonderful.  The guest speakers are all very influential and I think the networking within our group of this cohort has been so valuable.

·         The leadership program was just the right fit.  It was what I needed and it was at the right time. 

Learn more at www.mchphli.org