February 10, 2012

Executive Director Sophie Arao-Nguyen Announces June Resignation

On January 31, 2012 National Family Voices Executive Director, Sophie Arao-Nguyen, announced her plan to resign effective June 29, 2012. The Family Voices Executive Search Committee has begun a search for a new Executive Director.

Read a letter from the Chairman of the Board, and Dr. Arao-Nguyen's resignation letter.


(Letter from Family Voices Chairman of the Board)

February 1, 2012


Dear Fellow Board Members, FV Staff and FV Consultants,


It is with sadness that we announce Sophie's resignation/semi-retirement effective June 29, 2012.  Sophie submitted her letter of resignation/semi-retirement to the Executive Committee yesterday.  We are including below Sophie's letter in which she humbly discusses her many, many accomplishments during her time with us.  Please take a few minutes to read Sophie's letter to acquaint yourself with the many things that she has done on Family Voice's behalf to move us forward.


We want to assure you that we put things into action immediately and have contracted for Rachel Rodriguez' assistance in working with our Search Committee.  The first meeting of the Search Committee will take place next Monday evening.  We will keep you updated on the actions and decisions of the committee in a timely fashion.  We will also post for the job internally as well as externally.  Our deadline for replacement is late June with some additional time for Sophie to transition the new ED and wrap up loose ends.


We are notifying Board Members, staff and consultants first and will then follow a timetable to notify other constituents hopefully by the end of this week.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Ruth at waldenr1@aol.com.



Ruth R. Walden                                                                                 Molly Cole

President                                                                                            Vice-President





(Letter from Sophie Arao-Nguyen)

January 31, 2012


Ruth Walden

Board President

Family Voices, Inc.

5301 San Mateo Blvd.NE, Suite 103

Albuquerque, NM 87110


Dear Ruth,


The time has come for me to move into semi-retirement.  As of January 8, 2012, I have given my ALL to Family Voices (FV) for a period of five years, years that flew by so quickly with a lot of accomplishments-started my tenure with a strategic planning  process (see attached); stabilized Family Voices' national and regional infrastructure; reorganized the regions from ten to four and funding the National and Regional Field Coordinators so they could help establish State Affiliate Organizations (SAOs) all over the country;  established a DC presence for our advocacy and policy work; ensured continued funding for the Family-to-Family Health Information Centers (F2FHICs), the National Center for Family/Professional Partnerships (NCFPP) Cooperative Agreement, Improving Maternal & Child Health Policies so All Children Thrive (IMPACT) Cooperative Agreement;  finalized the publication of the first iteration of the Family-Centered Care Tools for families and providers; established and strengthened partnerships with key organizations like AMCHP and AAP;  championed cultural competence within and outside of the organization; and strengthened Family Voices internal operations by organizing  staff and consultants into working teams,  finalized the Employee Handbook and Operations Manual, passed the audit for three years without material findings, launched a new website including social media as part of FV's communication strategy, re-established relationships with foundations and other funders.


My heart is filled with gratitude for allowing me to make a difference in the world of Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs (CYSHCN).  I thank the Board, Staff, Consultants, SAOs, individual and organizational members, donors, F2FHICs, funders, partners and all those who supported me in stabilizing, sustaining and purposefully moving the organization forward.


I am proud of my accomplishments and am ready to support Family Voices' transition plan to hire the next Executive Director (ED).  The Strategic Plan for 2012-2015 is attached to guide the next ED in  growing  and expanding  the organization's reach and capacities.  My last day will be on June 29, 2012 and should you want to continue our connection and relationship, I can be reached at sanphd2012@gmail.com.


I remain,


Sophie Arao-Nguyen, Ph.D.


Encl. as stated



Sophie Arao-Nguyen, Ph.D.

Executive Director

Family Voices, Inc.

3701 San Mateo Blvd., Suite 103

Albuquerque, NM 87110