November 12, 2012

The Results of the Family Voices Fall Costume Contest are in!

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The Results of the Family Voices Fall Costume Contest are in! The Results of the Family Voices Fall Costume Contest are in! The Results of the Family Voices Fall Costume Contest are in!

0 - 7 Age Category

In the 0 - 7 category, the winner was Jema Bentley , daughter of Jaime Bentley for her costume as a bee on a flower.

Here is one thing Jaime Bentley said about this costume:

"I loved that I could incorporate her wheelchair and make it seem like a pedestal...our beautiful bumble bee sitting on her flower thrown."

Second and third place in this age category included Baker Mitchell, son of Emily Mitchell, for his costume as Buzz Lightyear, and Alyssa Grace Lee, daughter of Susan D. Lee, for her costume as Cinderella.

8 - 14 Age Category

In the 8 - 14 category, the winner was Sam Weyrich, son of Amy Weyrich, for his costume as Captain Jack Sparrow of the Black Pearl. Sam's costume was also the highest-scoring costume entry in the entire contest!

Amy Weyrich said about this costume:

"Sam LOVES Halloween....  One of his favorite aspects of the costume is that we also incorporate sound that relates to his costume.  He activates the sound by using a head or hand switch.  This particular costume was one of Sam's favorites.  He loves the Pirate of the Caribbean movies.  Because of his costume history, friends and acquaintances in the community seek Sam out on Halloween to see what he is.  He received an ovation from the students, parents, and teachers in the Halloween parade when he was Capt Jack and the Black Pearl.  I wish he could verbally tell me why he loves it so much...I can only surmise that it is because he gets a lot of fun attention and because his disability just falls away."

Second and third place in this age category included Joseph Dane son of Heather Dane, for his costume as a drummer with a drum set, and Adam Persels, son of Tina Persels, for his astronaut costume. 

15 - 21 Age Category

In the 15 - 21 category, the winner was Hayli Schumacher, daughter of Lisa and Brad Schumacher, for her costume as a container of McDonald's French Fries.

Here is what Lisa Schumacher said about this costume:

"Dad is a carpenter and made the costume.  Grandpa Jack who is deceased always took Hayli to McDonalds whenever he got the chance!"

Second and third place in this age category included Angela Darrol, daughter of Brenda Darrol, for her costume as Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, and Steven Dye, son of Margaret Dye, for his costume as a "chick magnet".


Judging was completed by: Family Leaders Dennis Kuo, MD, Arkansas Children's Hospital, Diana Autin, SPAN NJ, and Traci Kurmay, Family Voices Indiana; Youth judges Laurence Nguyen, son of former Family Voices Executive Director Sophie Arao-Nguyen, and Diana Anzola-Riegel, daughter of former NCFPP co-director Karen Anzola; Wendy Jones, National Center for Cultural Competence; and Melanie Rubin, Family Voices. Thank you to each of our judges for taking the time to participate in judging the costume entries!

The judging was blind, which means that the judges did not see each other's responses during the judging process. Information provided by each parent about the child and his or her costume was made available to the judges, in the parent's own words. With this information in mind, the judges evaluated each costume numerically according to the following categories:

- Creativity and originality of the costume
- Craftsmanship or handiwork
- Degree to which they found this costume on this child engaging, charming, or meaningful
- Degree to which they had personal appreciation of this costume on this child

They were also able to provide optional comments about the costume entries.

Thank you to each other parent who took the time to share photos of their children in costume:

  • Pamela Lang, entering James Lang
  • Chad McCarter, entering Brielle McCarter
  • Susana Ames, entering Stephen Ames
  • Katy Duncan, entering Ryder
  • Doris Heckert, entering Jackson Heckert
  • Heather Dane, entering Mikayla Dane
  • Dena Harper, entering Brickelle Harper
  • Patricia Kay Balpalli, entering Nora Bott
  • Carmen Rivera, entering Brian Anthony Rivera
  • Laura Ayala, entering Jessica Ayala
  • Brian Replogle, entering Austin Replogle
  • Laurie Greene, entering McKenna Greene
  • Marcia O'Malley, entering Ian Zehner
  • Paula Keyser, entering Jeremy Keyser

We appreciate your time and spirit - and most of all your love and care in supporting your children to have such a fun costume experience. Clearly, you are all winners!