February 05, 2013

Read Inspiring Entries to Family Voices Winter "New Year, New Healthy Choices" Raffle Winners

Read Inspiring Entries to Family Voices Winter "New Year, New Healthy Choices" Raffle Winners

Photo from http://www.realbuzz.com/articles/healthy-snacks-for-children-us-en/  article on “Healthy Snacks for Kids.”

“New Year, New Healthy Choices” Raffle Winners

Winter 2013

Family Voices’ winter “New Year, New Healthy Choices” Raffle ran from January 1st to January 31st. For this raffle we asked all participants to submit a photo of their child or children with special health care needs and or disabilities engaged in healthy activities and to provide a few words on how their kids stay healthy. Raffle entries were submitted in three age categories: 0-7, 8-14, and 15-21 and one winner was drawn from each age category. Each winner will receive a Target gift card.

We would like to share with you the Family Voices “Healthy Choices” Raffle winners and their entries.

In the age 0-7 category winner Stephen Ames (Originally posted 1/14/13 on Facebook) showed us that staying hydrated by drinking water is a great way to stay healthy.

Stephen’s mom Susie shared:

Stephen has a rare genetic disorder called Cardio-Facio-Cutaneous Syndrome. He has feeding issues, strabismus, limited mobility, developmental delays, and has a hard time expressing himself.

I try to make sure Stephen gets his nutrition by supplementing his meals with PediaSure and vitamins. I encourage him to use a therapy bench to get on/off his bed and don't carry him as much as I could to encourage him to be physically active. I explain how important it is to eat, brush your teeth, and stay active.”

In the age 8-14 category winner Matthew Kurniawan (Originally posted 1/3/13 on Facebook) showed us how to keep physically active with household chores.

Matthew’s mom Maria shared:

My son has autism. But that diagnosis won't prevent him from living life normally. He has activities and responsibilities like other kids.

I am teaching him how to do tasks around the house, such as vacuuming, doing dishes, etc. He benefits from these tasks because, in addition to getting physical activity, he is learning how to function normally in daily living. He also likes to eat healthy foods – or at least tries - by choosing more vegetables, such as salads.”

In the age 15 - 21 category winner Christopher Delgado (Originally posted 1/23/13 on Facebook) showed us that staying active on the court playing basketball is a great way to stay healthy.

Christopher’s mom Marcie shared:

Christopher is hearing impaired (wears bilateral aids), he has SLD, PDD-NOS, and SIDS.

We encourage Christopher to take part in the Seminole County Special Olympics which offers various sporting activities throughout the year. He participates in bowling, basketball, golf, and weight lifting.”


We would like to thank everyone who entered Family Voices’ “New Year, New Healthy Choices” Raffle. Your entries are an inspiration for others!

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