June 27, 2013

Family Voices Awarded 3 year Cooperative Agreement by MCHB

Family Voices has been awarded a new three-year cooperative agreement by MCHB as the National Center for Family/Professional Partnerships (NCFPP)!

Over the past 8 years Family Voices has operated the NCFPP focusing on the development and promotion of families as partners in the care of their child and as partners at the systems level.  This work has included the support of Family-to-Family Health Information Centers (F2F HICs)and Family Voices State Affiliate Organizations (SAOs), partnerships with other national centers and key stakeholder groups, and information dissemination to families and professionals across the country.   Family Voices is proud to have played a role in the implementation of F2F HICs, from a pilot program of 6 centers beginning in 2003 to the successful establishment of vital centers in all states and the District of Columbia.  The most recent data from FY 2012 show that these centers have assisted, trained, and provided information to over 975,000 families and 300,000 professionals with the resulting impact indicating that 94% of families indicate that are better able to partner with their child’s providers.

The new NCFPP will build on these successes and focus on:

  • Increasing the capacity of families, Title V and other providers to partner around full implementation   of ACA,
  • Strengthening the primary care workforce through family professional learning opportunities,
  • Improving access to quality care and innovation in the areas of family-centered care, cultural and linguistic competence and shared decision making.


The NCFPP will work closely with family leaders, Title V and other partners to ensure that families are both informed of and involved in the rollout of the ACA.  Efforts will continue on the Family-Centered Care tools and other training materials to help make shared decision making a reality for all families.  The work will have a special focus on ensuring that families from underserved populations participate fully at all levels.  NCFPP will partner with NICHQ to offer a learning collaborative on health care quality.


For more information about the NCFPP, please see www.fv-ncfpp.org.