February 07, 2015

Building Your Medical Home: An Introduction to Pediatric Primary Care Transformation

The National Center for Medical Home Implementation presents a new resource that provides direction, resources, and tools to pediatric medical home clinicians and practices seeking to advance their knowledge and understanding of the medical home concept as it relates to practice transformation. Visit www.pediatricmedhome.org.This resource was developed with the input of family leaders who participated in an expert work group. The guide emphasizes the family and patient at the center of care through many of the recommended tools, resources and descriptions.

While this resource is primarily targetted to pediatrci practices, families can learn about 'medical homes' on this site, and also learn the importance of families as team members. "Families are essential members of the medical home improvement team. Finding the right family member/advocate to serve on a medical home improvement team requires clear communication from the team champion. A scope of work or job description can be useful to describe these expectations."

Sections of this resource include:

  1. Start the Transformation Practice
    • Form a Medical Home Improvement Team
    • Assess Your Practice
    • Understanding Quality Improvement
  2. Integrate Key Fundtions of a Medical Home
    • Family-Centered Care
    • Coordinated Care
    • Managing Your Patient Population
  3. Sustain Your Medical Home
    • Fundabmental Principles of Medical Home Sustainability
    • Resources to Help Sustain Your Medical Home