February 15, 2015

ACA Enrollment and Subsidy Data

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SIGN-UP NOW for health care coverage.

Last week, Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) Sylvia Burwell announced that nearly 10 million people have enrolled for insurance through the ACA since open enrollment began in mid-November. Nearly 7.5 million enrolled through the federal or federally facilitated Marketplaces (see these details from HHS), while about 2.4 million enrolled through state-based Marketplaces.


HHS has also reported that almost 6.5 million individuals in the 37 states using the HealthCare.gov platform are estimated to qualify for an average of $268 per person per month in advanced premium tax credits. According to HHS, among consumers who are signed up for 2015 coverage to date in the 37 HealthCare.gov states, 8 in 10 could choose a plan with a premium of $100 or less after tax credits, based on available options. 


Latino Enrollment

Kaiser Health News reports that, despite targeted outreach efforts, Latino enrollment lags behind that of other groups, probably in part due to extra paperwork that is required of non-citizens and fears that applying for health care coverage will jeopardize family members who are not in the country legally.