February 18, 2015

ACA Enrollment - Extension for Some

Learn what's happening in the policy arena for CYSHCN - Read Washington DC UpdateThe Affordable Care Act’s open enrollment period ended on Sunday, February 15, although some people may still be able to enroll (see below). According to the HHS weekly enrollment update, 7.75 million consumers selected a plan or were automatically re-enrolled through the HealthCare.gov platform between November 15 and February 6. As reported in The Hill, the administration is expecting that 11 million people will have obtained insurance by the time the enrollment period is over. Last year, about 7.1 million people obtained insurance during the open enrollment period. According to The Hill article, the administration focused this year on reaching populations with particularly high uninsurance rates, including minorities. To see a state-by-state breakdown of enrollees, including those from the states with their own Marketplaces, see this table from the Kaiser Family Foundation.


Extension. If someone was trying to enroll on February 15 but was unable to finish their application, they can still get coverage if:  they could not complete their application because of an issue with HealthCare.gov or the Marketplace Call Center that delayed their application, or they mailed a paper application by February 15, 2015 and got a notice telling them they were still able to complete your enrollment in Marketplace coverage. See this page from HealthCare.gov, which states that “This opportunity will only be available for a short time. You should enroll in coverage as soon as you can. To complete your application, log in to your Marketplace account on HealthCare.gov, or contact the Marketplace Call Center at 1-800-318-2596 to complete your enrollment over the phone.” But, according to this article from The Hill, the deadline is extended just one week. The Hill also reports that most state Marketplaces have also extended their deadlines.