March 12, 2015

FAQ: What Are The Penalties For Not Getting Insurance?

This FAQ document from Kaiser Health News answers the following questions.

  • Is everyone required to have health insurance or pay a fine?
  • What kind of insurance satisfies the requirement to have coverage?
  • If I don’t have health insurance, how much will I owe?
  • If I owe a penalty for not having insurance in 2014, how do I pay it?
  • What if I just realized I face a penalty for 2014. Can I do anything to avoid a penalty next year?
  • Are there other circumstances that allow me to get insurance outside the annual open enrollment period?
  • I was uninsured last spring and signed up on the exchange in March 2014 for a plan that started May 1. Will I owe a penalty for the first four months of the year?
  • What if I have a gap in coverage after open enrollment ends? Will I have to pay a fine?
  • Are parents responsible for paying the penalty if their kids don’t have coverage?
  • Who’s exempt from the requirement to have insurance?
  • When should I claim or file for an exemption?
  • Are U.S. citizens living overseas subject to the penalty for not having insurance?
  • What happens if I don’t pay the penalty?