April 29, 2015

The Well Visit Planner: Making the Most out of Your Child's Health Care Checkups!

The latest issue of Family Voices e-newsletter, Bright Futures Family Matters, introduces a new tool, the Well Visit Planner, to help families make well-child health visits as meaningful as possible.  This issue discusses:

  • What is a Well-Child Visit - and Why are They Important?
  • An Overview of the Well Visit Planner - an online tool to help  identify the specific questions and topics for discussion during a child's upcoming checkup
  • Step by Step Guide - how to access the tool, how to navigate the tool, using the resulting product, a well visit guide which can be printed to help guide discussions with a child's pediatrician
  • A Q & A about the tool, including how it was developed and what parents are saying about it.

Download the issue here.