June 25, 2015

A Victory for America's Families: The Supreme Court Affirms the ACA

Family Voices applauds today's Supreme Court ruling that upholds a key provision of the Affordable Care Act (ACA)—that premium tax credits are available to offset the cost of health insurance regardless of whether a person signed up through the federal or a state exchange.


According to Enroll America, "more than 10 million Americans have coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace, and 85% of them receive financial help to pay for their plan. Today’s decision by the Supreme Court assures those consumers that the promise of affordable health coverage will still be there for them."  It was estimated that 6.4 million people, in 34 states, would have lost their premium subsidies had the Court ruled the other way.


Family Voices knows that to keep families at the center of children's health care, there must first be accessible, affordable health care for all.  The ACA makes this possible.  The ACA also includes provisions for families to partner with providers and for family leaders who speak for the more than one in five families with at least one child with special health care needs to work to improve access and quality of health care. 


We hope you will celebrate this victory with us!  We thank the thousands of family leaders in our State Affiliate Organizations and Family-to-Family Health Information Centers who strive every day to ensure that all families receive the health care their children need.