October 11, 2016

AAP Family Readiness Kit

AAP Family Readiness KitFrom the kit:

This kit includes information from preparedness experts, parents, and child care providers.

Recent studies and surveys show that:

  • 39% of parents say their child’s Head Start/child care center or preschool had experienced an emergency in the past two years.
  • Only modest improvement had been made in household preparedness (23% in 2003 to 35% in 2015);
  • A lack of confidence remains in local governments to respond to disasters; and
  • Families remain unfamiliar with school or child care disaster plans.

This kit can help families get disaster-ready. This kit includes general guidelines for readiness that can be used in most situations. For more detailed information about all types of disasters, see the Resources section.

Remember, ask all family members to help make the disaster plan. Everyone should know what to do if family members are not together. Plan to do your part and work together as a team. A disaster can cause a lot of stress and confusion. Keep the family readiness plan simple so everyone can remember the important details.

Once a plan is finished, practice your Family Disaster Plan every six months so that everyone will remember
what to do when in an emergency.