November 30, 2016

Family Voices Receives Grant from the Lucile Packard Foundation for Children's Health

Family Voices was recently informed by the Lucile Packard Foundation for Children's Health of its successful proposal to  ensure and enhance the role and participation of families in all aspects of the systems on which CYSHCN depend by developing a framework for assessing family engagement. 

"Enhanced family engagement in policymaking is the goal of the third new grant. No one is better acquainted with the child health care system than those who live it every day, yet there is not consistent involvement of family representatives in program and policy decisions by public agencies and private organizations. Research funded by the foundation found that types of family participation and their degree of influence vary widely, and, in general, little is done to make family participation feasible and effective. Even when family participation is welcomed, there is little understanding of what constitutes effective engagement. A grant to Family Voices will address this issue, by identifying key criteria that affect family engagement and generating guidance for developing a reliable measure of family engagement."

Family Voices is excited to pursue this work around evaluation of family engagement, having much experience in promoting and brokering families as partners at the system level.  Family Voices is also excited to work with a diverse and stellar workgroup which includes family leaders across the country, a Medicaid director, a pediatrician, a professional with vast experience in research and policy analysis, a Title V CYSHCN director, and a director at a private insurance company.