May 25, 2017

Family Voices Washington DC Update: May 24, 2017

Family Voices Washington DC Update: May 24, 2017

On Tuesday, the president delivered his budget proposal to Congress. It calls for severe cuts in federal spending for safety net programs, such as food stamps and Medicaid.

Today (Wednesday), the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) is expected to issue its estimates for the impact of the House-passed health bill on the federal budget and on the number of people who would be uninsured should the bill become law. There is a chance that CBO will determine that the bill does not comply with the budget resolution, in which case the House would have to amend the bill and vote on it again. Meanwhile, Senators are trying to work out amendments to the House legislation to get the 51 votes they would need to pass it.

Uncertainty about the future of "cost-sharing reduction" payments to insurers for offering plans with reduced out-of-pocket costs may lead insurers to pull out of the market or raise premiums significantly.

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