Advocacy Resources

Family-to-Family Health Infromation Centers BrochureFamily-to-Family Health Information Centers (F2Fs): There is one center in each state that provides free assistance and training to families of children/youth with special health care needs.  F2Fs can help families find and apply for public programs to help them care for their child, connect them with another parent who is in a similar situation or a support group, give advice and guidance on how to advocate with their child, and provide trainings in such areas as Medicaid, the Affordable Care Act, Leadership Development, and more.

Family Voices: You Are An Advocate
A 1-pager of tips to help you be an advocate for your child/youth with special health care needs.

Family Voices: Partnering with Your Child's Provider (English) (Spanish)
A 6-pager that provides tips for caregivers on preparing for appointments, meeting with their child's doctor, and follow-up activity.

The Center for Children with Special Needs: Starting Point Guide: Tips from Families
Many parents say looking for information to help their child can be difficult or confusing. This 2-page extract provides tips from other parents who have a child with special needs or ongoing health concerns.  The entire Starting Point Guide, which has resources for families in Washington State as well as other states is available at

The Patient Advocate Foundation: Your Guide to the Appeals Process
A 13-page document that provides a step-by-step guide to appealing a denial of a claim to a private insurance company.

Kaiser Family Foundation: A Guide to the Medicaid Appeals Process
The Medicaid appeals process, however, is different from the appeals processes available through the Medicare program and private health insurance. This 34-page document describes the appeals system available to Medicaid applicants and beneficiaries, including the fair hearing process and the appeals process required for Medicaid managed care organizations (MCOs).

Waisman Center: Health Information and Advocacy in Schools
Questions and Answers about billing for health services included in your child's individualized educational program or individualized family service plan.