Family Voices' Telemedicine Report to Families (2003)


This completed project was funded by the Office for the Advancement of Telehealth at Health and Human Services, HRSA to inform families about telemedicine's potential to enhance the way families get health care and services for their children, especially children with special health care needs, by producing materials that address the particular issues and criteria for serving children with special health care needs.


Bridges Not Boundaries: Family Voices in SCHIP Telehealth Report (pdf)
A 10-page booklet for families which includes a report summary, a Family Checklist of Questions to Ask, a Family Satisfaction Questionnaire, Recommendations from Family Voices, and further Questions.

Family Voices in SCHIP Telemedicine Report. (pdf)
A 44-page report detailing the features of many of the programs and issues about the importance and suitability of telemedicine for children with special health care needs.