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Through the Family Wisdom project, Family Voices partners with diverse communities, honoring and engaging families’ and communities’ wisdom and strength in health-related services and research to reduce disparities, discrimination, oppression, and stigma.

Family Wisdom is family-centered        

  • Sharing diverse family perspectives with researchers and healthcare providers.
  • Improving family-centeredness and cultural appropriateness of health-related services and research.
  • Identifying research questions that are relevant to diverse patients and families.   

Family Wisdom is innovative

  • Building capacity through Project ECHO telementoring sessions.
  • Building research capacity in the patient and caregiver community.
  • Establishing new partnerships between researchers and patient and family leaders.  

Family Wisdom is multicultural

  • Celebrating culture and tradition.
  • Partnering with diverse patient and family leaders to design activities around their communities’ strengths and needs.
  • Partnering with researchers to build multicultural, community-engaged research teams.



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