Care Notebooks

Below is a selection of tools to help you organize important information about your child. Bring the notebook to appointments and meetings, so you can easily share information with doctors, therapists, and school or child care staff.

  • North Carolina Family to Family Health Information Center at Exceptional Children’s Assistance Center (ECAC): Creating a Care Notebook for Your Child
    A 65-page PDF that you can print and complete.  Includes sample forms that can be used in your child’s care notebook. Each tab contains information about a specific part of your child’s care.
    Care Notebook Sections: Our Family, Medical & Oral Health, Treatment Plans, Sign-in Sheets, Important Documents,State and Community Resources.


  • Family Voices of North Dakota: Care Notebook
    A 48-page Care Notebook is an organizing tool for families who have children with special health care needs or disabilities. Use a Care Notebook to keep track of important information about your child’s health care. This Care Notebook has been designed for families living in North Dakota.


  • Utah Family Voices Collaborative Care NotebookUtah Family Voices: Collaborative Care Notebook
    This version of a Care Notebook was “built” by a parent of a child with multiple special health care needs from the Utah Family Voices Family to Family Health Information center. This book can be used “as is” or you can remove or add pages according to your child’s needs. Below, you can learn how to “build your own care notebook” from twenty different versions from different states. You may notice that the pages in this book all look different, and each page will indicate from which state or program it was created. The Utah Family Voices F2F Health Information Center found the process of building your own care notebook from the National Center for Medical Home Initiatives to be an innovative, creative, and easy way to put together a file for any child or youth with special health care needs. It can be built to suit any variety of needs.


  • The Care Notebook
    A web application designed specifically for caring-minded people to securely organize details and record the care they provide to others. You can build Care Cards where all your care information is stored for an individual or family. All of your previous conversation notes are stored together.  Even set what type of care was provided (i.e. phone call, meal, hospital visit, text message). Your info is securely stored so you have access whenever and wherever you need it the most. You can also set reminders and build different teams of that help you and others. Cost: $7 - $69/mo.